Blurring the lines between the timeless and the contemporary.

An outstanding combination of soulful melodies and vibrant R&B grooves, blurring the lines between the timeless and the contemporary.

Shristi Jade is an Australian an artist and performer whose sound blurs the lines between the melodies of R&B and the heartfelt sensibilities of soul music. Recently, she set out to reveal her brand new single release, “Us” also available as a music video.

The track’s deceptively simple title is a great first taste of Shristi’s amazing insights and earnest songwriting. The lyrics to the song are heartfelt and intimate, almost as if the listeners were having a heart to heart conversation with the artist, letting them in on her innermost hopes, dreams, and feelings regarding love and relationships. This is exactly the kind of powerful song that anybody could easily relate to, due to the sheer honesty of the songwriting.

Besides the charming lyrics and astonishing vocal performance, the song also strikes for its production aesthetics. “Us” has multiple layers that really add life and character to it. The rhythm is smooth and groovy, with a present low-end and a crunchy top that cuts right through the mix, without adding any harshness. The melodies are really well-arranged, blooming seamlessly around the rhythm and allowing the vocals to pop out at the forefront of the mix. As you might imagine, a great singing performance is actually at the very core of greatness in this particular genre, and thankfully, Shristi does not fail to impress with her impactful vocal delivery and dynamic lyrical flow. As mentioned earlier, her songwriting arguably comes from a very personal place and feels very expressive, but at the same time, it is also very catchy and easy to relate to - few artists can combine integrity and appeal so successfully, but it definitely feels like an easy task for Shristi Jade, who performs with passion and vision.

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- Written by Peter Vidani  

Shristi Jade